Transform your fitness with XGT Small Group Training Program. Our program meets the needs of everyone, regardless of fitness level. Start with our beginner-friendly "LEARN" phase, or jump right into "BURN" for fat burning or "BUILD" for muscle development. Already fit? Our "ACTIVE" phase will help you maintain your level of fitness.

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the 4 phases

XGT is designed with you in mind!If you've never worked out, if you want to burn fat, build muscle, or simply maintain an active life.



where everyone starts

Don’t let the name fool you. Just because the Learn phase addresses the fundamentals of proper strength training doesn’t mean your workouts won’t be effective or fun. Whether you are new to exercise or just want to get it right finally, your XGT coach will help you establish a solid foundation of strength and endurance using a variety of formats and techniques while incorporating the fun and comradery with a team. Although HR is not directly correlated with your load and repetition output, we consider the Learn Phase in HR to be typically in a range that falls under 60% HR rate max and is of a lower intensity cardio workout, but that will still burn lots of fat.

Load: 20–30%  |  Reps: 12–15  |  Heart rate: 50-60%


R.I.P Body Fat

Need we say more? Ok, we will. Looking to drop a few pounds or dial up the intensity and pace of your workouts? Then Burn is your destination. Leveraging the foundation you built in Learn, the Burn phase will focus on specific movement patterns and shorter resting periods that promote fat loss and improve overall conditioning; perfect for those individuals who want to drop a few sizes, compete in an outdoor adventure race, or just kick butt on the court. With respect to HR zones during the XGT workout Xperience; this zone tends to be our favorite! It is truly the fat-burning zone of roughly 60-80% of HR Max. Lower intensities will burn fewer calories but typically a higher percentage of fat. Conversely, higher intensities in this range will burn more total calories while using slightly less fat as the primary energy source. No matter where you fit in this zone, you are burning!

Load: 50–80%  |  Reps: 12–15  |  Heart rate: 60-80%


Get stronger to live longer

The Build phase lives at the intersection of power and strength. It’s also ideal for anyone looking to increase muscle mass or tone. The approach is still grounded in proper technique, but the intensity bar is raised by focusing on increasing loads (weight), decreasing the number of reps performed, and providing ample rest and recovery periods in between. Build is the ideal phase for those individuals who want or need to challenge their power output and energy system development. Again, there is really no direct physiological correlation between sustained HR and load intensities during the entire workout, but normally when lifting in these higher load zones that require more muscular intensity, an individual’s HR will periodically be driven to higher levels. When combined with intense cardio bouts (typically between 80-90% HR Max) in between the strength training exercises of an XGT class, this zone often merges into high-intensity training. Often there is a true increase in Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption for high-intensity workouts. This means you can continually burn calories even after the exercise bout has been completed.

Load: 70–85%  |  Reps: 6–12  |  Heart rate: 80–90%


keep what you’ve worked for

In a nutshell, the active phase is the ultimate “keep what you worked for” program. Active is the destination where you incorporate the key principles you have learned throughout the other phases to maintain a high level of fitness. The Active phase will keep the body strong, mobile, lean, and conditioned, perfect for those that want to get off and stay off the bench, keep up with their kids, or run a 5k. Whatever it is you want to do in life, Active will help you do it better! This phase truly can be any HR training zone that you are now comfortably and happily getting your tangible results in at XGT. Cardio intensities for ACTIVE Phase Members can run the gamut of ranges at XGT. We often see our most experienced exercises in this zone really getting it on and in a range of 80-90% HR Max.

Load: 60–70%  |  Reps: 10–12  |  Heart rate: 80–90%

the Elements

Team Environment

team environment

We provide a gym environment that helps you focus, and feel comfortable with each other as a team after the same goal, fitness.

The Coach

the coach

We carefully select a personal trainer with the heart, passion, and right skills to help deliver the results you expect from our fitness program.

We’re here for you

We’re here for you

We help keep you accountable to your fitness goals through monthly progress check-ins, measurements, body fat scans, and weigh-ins.