The XGT Team has a combined 50 plus years experience in the fitness industry.  We have owned, managed, and consulted for hundreds of health clubs nationally and internationally.  We understand your challenges because we  have lived through them.  Our expertise doesn't come from books or podcasts; it comes from good ol' fashioned industry experience. Together, we have created and perfected the industry's most complete team training solution.


VP Operations


Before joining XGT Fitness, Ron worked with countless health clubs helping maximize their sales, PT, and marketing efforts.

He began his career early in the industry by working alongside his parents inside a national chain of women’s only facilities in the early 80’s. He eventually branched out from the family business to make a career for himself as a managing partner of a World Gym in CT. After many years at the health club level, he went on to secure prominent national positions with the Apex Fitness Group, The Thomas Plummer Company, The Visual Fitness Planner, and ClubReady LLC, just to name a few.


In 2009, Ron started ALT Consulting and was responsible for driving significant growth in health clubs both in the United States and Latin America.  His main area of focus and expertise was helping increase PT revenue. ALT Consulting assisted health clubs with every aspect of the EFT, Draft-based PT system to include: new client acquisition best practices, precise selling strategies, departmental and employee infrastructure, proper pricing models, compensation, and proper KPI's.


In 2018, he joined the leadership team at XGT Fitness Holdings, the industry’s most complete team training solution and is responsible for day to day operations while ensuring that each member of the Customer Success Team delivers on the XGT promise.


Director of Programming and Education


Tony began his nearly 25-year career in the fitness industry back in 1995 working as a trainer for 24-Hour Fitness.  He quickly made a name for himself and moved into leadership serving first as a Fitness Manager and soon thereafter as a Regional Manager.


Eventually 24-Hour Fitness acquired The Apex Fitness Group which became the complete resource for both fitness and nutritional services at 24-Hour Fitness. Tony quickly leveraged his passion and skill set for training and development by earning the position of Assistant Director of Education and Services for the California Region. Soon after he was promoted to Director of Fitness Education for the entire 24-Hour Fitness network.

In 2001, Tony continued to pursue his passion for leadership and accepted the role of VP Fitness Services for the newly formed Rush Fitness Complex.  From 2001 through 2013.


In 2014, Tony was recruited to create and design what is now known as the XGT programming. Tony is an integral member of the XGT ownership group and is the brains behind the programs used by facilities all across the country.  He is responsible for all program design, development, and content creation contained in the entire library of XGT workouts.


Director of Product


Andrew got his start in the fitness industry as a personal trainer in 2007. After quickly rising to the ranks of District Manager, Andrew’s markets under his leadership, realized a 70% increase in overall revenue.  His consistent and exceptional sales skills, coupled with his strong PT business acumen, eventually led Andrew to accept an offer to join the ownership group.

In 2014 Andrew moved on to pursue his entrepreneurial drive and was instrumental in helping develop the XGT program. He was initially tasked with establishing what’s now known as the most effective sell through strategies for team training inside the four walls of a fitness facility. However, Andrew quickly realized that sustaining the member long term would require a strong technology component anchored to the XGT world-class programming. As such, he was instrumental in establishing AccuroFit as XGT’s exclusive technology partner and quickly began to integrate wearable technology into the XGT offering. He continued to help shape the future direction of XGT Fitness by developing a robust suite of gamification technologies that live inside the XGT heart rate display monitors and app such as: daily workouts, intensity points and rewards, national leader boards, and timers.


Andrew is now a critical member of the ownership team here at XGT. He is also the Director of Customer Success, and is responsible for driving the successful onboarding and launch of each new XGT customer.