welcome to xgt

XGT is about you competing to be your best you! A results driven training program performed in a high energy & supportive group atmosphere.

Welcome to XGT

the xgt experience


Functional Training

XGT incorporates functional training which means we train your body for the way you move in everyday life.


Resistance Training & Cardio

XGT combines resistance training and cardio in one powerful and efficient workout so you can get in and out.


Individualized Attention

Members are placed in small groups, so you get the individualized attention you need while benefiting from the ENERGY, COMRADERE, and FUN of playing on a team!


X Pod Heart Rate Tracking

XGT leverages fitness technology to help validate your results. See your calories burned, X Points Earned & your heart rate in the studio displays.

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from our members

“XGTFitness has been such a great experience along with the awesome coaches that motivate and help you reach your goals. This place was recommended to me by a friend and I have not looked back ever since! I’ve been seeing my own strengths and working harder to achieve my weaknesses. All in all great experience!”

Dasie J. | Member

"XGT is life-changing! The coaches and fellow workout buddies are so motivating! I am better physically and mentally since I started. I love this place!!!"

Tasha W. | Member

"I’ve been working out at XGT for over two years and I absolutely love it!!! The trainers are AMAZING and so are the members! Always motivating and supporting each other. I love that the heart rate monitor shows your results on the screen and it helps to push me. It’s for all ages and abilities and the trainers are great at modifying workouts if you need it. I love showing up and not having to think about what exercises to do. If you’re looking for a place to work out, you should try it!"

Carrie C. | Member

"I love that they looked past all my health problems & worked with me to build muscles! It's been a struggle to gain weight or build muscle since I was a teenager & in 1 month I gained 10lbs!! I DEFINITELY recommend this place for Anyone trying to Better yourself.. Here's the place to Loose weight, build muscles, & most importantly get healthy..!"

Jessica S. | Member

"Amazing trainers and workouts. My experience has been amazing and I’ve been seeing results not only physically but mentally. Totally recommend this gym!"

Gabrielle S. | Member

"I’ve been going to XGT Fitness for almost 3 months now. I love it!!!! All of the coaches are great and so supportive. They are willing to help you in any way. This isn’t a place where you will be intimidated if you are new to working out. Everyone is friendly. There are people from all fitness levels attending and that is what I saw on their Instagram which sold me on joining. I didn’t wanna struggle around professional I wanted to work out with real people who looked like me."

Roze J. | Member


When you’re a better version of yourself, you’re better for your family, your friends, your career — everything that is important to you. That is how you live a longer, more vibrant life. An investment in XGT Fitness is an investment in yourself.

No matter your fitness level, we have a plan that will work for you.

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